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Трафаретная маска YT

Трафаретная маска YT

Трафаретная маска YT


This machine can produce trapezoid mask.

1. with high production efficiency, good welding effect, quality and stability.

2. simple operation, the use of frequency control, speed control more intuitive, the action process controlled by the PLC, intelligent.

3. ultrasonic overload protection function, greatly reducing product rejection rate.

4. the use of gears, sprocket gear ratio, the rotation ratio more coordinated and stable. With light eye detection reading function.

5. automatic nose holder wrapping and earloop welding.

технические данные

CapacityDimension(in mm)WeightVoltagePower
70-80pcs / min4190x 820x2500850 KG220V 50HZ5.3 KW

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